Who We Are

With a combined 4 decades, Erik Potter and Anthony Lawrence are skilled in positioning their clients to achieve their financial goals, avoiding market loss, mitigating taxes and establishing a sustainable financial management system.

Potter started his career in 2001 with New York Life and after 4 years he went independent. Anthony began his career in 2002 with Met Life and went independent also about 4 years later. The two met and began working together in 2018 when they discovered they have a parallel view of financial planning. Meticulous examination and objective analysis is at the heart of the process of helping clients develop strategies to weather life’s financial storms, and expected and unexpected transitions. Placing the focus on stability of income and control of financial assets, gives you the ability to create a comprehensive and predictable financial plan. One that will allow you to live your life today while creating a dependable income tomorrow.

In retirement planning we take a long-term approach, employing strategies to mitigate taxes, both now and in the future. We focus on creating a baseline income to cover expenses, like a pension would, and maximizing growth potential at the same time. We’ll help you create strategies to offset increases in cost of living and taxes. We’ve found that the happiest retirees are those who never have to worry about running out of money before they run out of life!

Most business owners’ retirement is their business. Especially in the first five to ten years. As a business owner your payroll, rent, insurance, etcetera, comes before your own IRA deposit, or even your own paycheck. Small and medium businesses have had added pressure over the past couple years with shutdowns and restrictions as a reaction to the virus. We can help you develop and strengthen strategies to survive interruptions in business and weather storms known and yet to be seen.

In order to maximize the full potential of your financial world, we work with your current team of professionals, like CPA and Lawyers, and if there are areas needing attention we have a network of professionals we can introduce. Our goal is to facilitate open communication between all parties involved and bring clarity to your financial life!

The Foresight Financial Design approach is to maximize long-term growth potential while limiting market loss, and mitigating tax and inflation erosion. We utilize proven financial strategies that have been known for centuries to provide, protect and promote financial well-being for families and businesses alike.

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We wish you a happy retirement!